Our Latest Model

The FWMBF1 Bottle Filling Station

Refill not landfill.

With a selection of fully filtered, plumbed in wall mounted drinking fountains, we have you covered.

A great and cost effective way of providing clean fresh water to your school, sports club or public space. As always, these fountains are finished with the highest quality materials and fitted by our trusted experts or by your own tradesman.

If your school or club is using untreated water, then Ultra Violet Filtration (U.V.) may be a system you should consider to safeguard your water.

Wall Mounted Fountains

The Essential Wall Mounted Fountain

Model: FF4X


  • Option to wrap the fountain with your own design (contact us for pricing options)

  • Wall mounted

  • Can come with optional heavy duty tap bottle filler opposite bubbler

  • Other modifications available - Please Enquire

  • Deeper bowl to reduce splash

  • Fully drained

  • Simple to install

  • Easy to clean

  • Bottom inspection plate fully removable

  • Remote or push-button bubbler operation

  • We developed this unit as a request from day care centres and some schools as this is for indoor and outdoor use

350mm width x 300mm height x 360mm depth

Heavy Duty Bottle Filler

Model: FF4XHD


  • Installed back left of drinking fountain

Side Installed Bottle Filler

Model: FF4XSM


  • Can be installed on either left or right hand side of drinking fountain.

Soft Push Lever Operated Drinking Bubbler

Model: FF4XLO

Twin Drinking Fountain

Model: FWMT2

Triple Drinking Fountain

Model: FWMT3