A perfect solution for the growing amount of people on tank water. UV sterilisation is a water filtration solution for untreated water such as rain water, stream or bore water.

What is UV Sterilisation?

Ultra Violet (UV) water sterilisation is the system of choice for these water types using pre-filters and UV light as the natural process to sterilise your water.

This does not add any chemicals into your water, nor alter the water chemistry. Ultraviolet light energy inactivates harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses by disrupting the DNA, effectively preventing them from multiplying and causing illness. The pathogens are destroyed in the time water passes through the disinfection chamber. E-coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia lamblia (Beaver Fever), Legionella are examples of waterborne microorganisms that cause numerous gastrointestinal illnesses which are easily controlled with UV disinfection.

The standard UV system comes with twin pre filters of 20 and 1 micron pore size to filter out dirt and sediment followed by the UV chamber itself **.

We love this product as it does exactly what it says it will. As with all our filter systems, there are filters to be changed regularly as well as the UV lamp itself that will need to be replaced every 12 months in order to remain effective and continue to do their job. Once you purchase your UV sterilising kit, you go on the database and we will contact you in 12 months to arrange the replacement filters and UV lamp.

We can also supply Aqua Tanks making us your one stop shop for tank water and purification.

Our initial UV sterilisation system is guaranteed for 12 months. Replacement filters and lamp will need to be changed after this period. With every purchase of any of our products, you go on the database - we will call to arrange delivery to your home for the simple do it yourself cartridge and lamp changes. Alternatively, we can get one of our trusted service people (or your local plumber) to install this for you at a nominal fee*. 

* installation and consultation dependant on location.** a 3rd filter can be installed to cope with herbicides, soot residue chemicals and pesticides, taste and odour.

Our Products

AquaRain Snorkel

With the AquaRain Snorkel you can now take the freshest water from near the top of your tank.
An AquaRain Snorkel is a floating pipe that feeds the freshest oxygenated water from the top of the tank into the house.

BS100 Strainer

BS 100 1" inlet/outlet 100 micron washable removable stainless steel mesh stainer. Includes purge valve. The perfect washable strainer to be installed before any pre filters or UV treatment. Can be used on tank, bore, lake or stream water.

Twin UV System

Model: FUVSK602

Twin housing 60 lpm UV with 20 micron and 1 micron filters.

Widely recognised and proven method of disinfection of water with several advantages over other methods. Does not ‘add’ anything to the water, so no undesirable odour or taste and no harmful by-products. It is a fast, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly water sterilising option.

Triple UV System

Model: FUVSK603

Whole house triple pre filtration with Ultra Violet water sterilisation. 

UV Components

We can supply UV parts for all leading brands

We have a large stock of UV parts for most leading brands. Ultra Violet lamps, UV quartz sleeves, UV ballasts and O’rings. If you can email or text us any photos of serial numbers, manufacturers names, brand or model numbers then this will help us discover what type of unit you have and we can let you know what you have the parts that you need. We also offer trade ins on your old UV units for full replacement systems.