My interest started in water when I started working at the Wellington Regional Water Board in 1978. In this role I worked on the major water feed into Wellington from the Hutt River and Wainuiomata and Orongorongo Rivers. Karori reservoir was the main feed into Wellington city back in those days.

Whilst working at the Karori reservoir (now the NZ famous Zealandia Eco-Sanctuary park) I had occasion to work in the treatment plant itself, an eye opening experience for me, being witness to raw chlorine burning holes in the concrete floors there. It was shocking. When asking the engineers about chlorine being harmful to the public was met with the following replies:

“it becomes diluted so by the time it reaches the households the chemical strength of the chlorine is virtually harmless”

“chlorine is cheap to use and the upsides of drinking sterile water far outweigh the harmful chemical effects from the small amount of chlorine that they drink”

Killing bacteria and making water sanitary is the councils main priority and the addition of chlorine is the cheapest way to get there. Water treatment also has aluminium added to the water to act as a flocculant which simply put, helps bind dirt and sediment particles together so that they are strained out of the water making it appear clear and clean. Unfortunately the aluminium stays in the water (but in lower strengths). Lime is also added at certain times of year and fluoride is added to provide dental protection.

After a few years overseas, I returned to New Zealand to live the idyllic life I had always imagined for myself. My interest in water was never far from my mind and soon after our first daughter was born I looked to immerse myself in the water treatment industry. This was 1993 and I have been actively involved in this business for the past 24 years. 

Removing chemicals, heavy metals, bugs and bacteria from our water has been my life. People want to drink and cook with beautiful fresh tasting chemical free water and my goal is to help them do this. As humans we need three critical things to survive: Air, Water, Food.

We need to make these three critical health components as pure, fresh and safe as possible. My promise is to deliver this to the New Zealand people from cradle to retirement. Exhibiting at over 600 trade shows across the North Island over the past 27 years has enabled me to do this. When people come to me at trade shows and thank me for helping them get fresh clean water and the benefits they experience through this, it makes it clear to me that I am making a difference.

Please contact myself or the team with any questions or queries so that you can begin to understand more about filtering your water and the best way to do this.


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